Please take a few moments to look at our curriculum outlines. These will give you an insight into what the children will be working on during the weeks ahead.  Each  year group produces a curriculum outline for the half term.

At West Park we aim to work with all parents, carers and families in order to help develop a strong and effective partnership, and we hope that by providing some of the information mentioned on these pages we can go some way to achieving that.


268 KBCurriculum Statement

Curriculum Outlines

248 KBReception – Animal Kingdom 2 475 KBYear 1 – Spring 725 KBYear 2 – Poles Apart 457 KBYear 3 – It’s a Jungle Out There 585 KBYear 4 – Journeys 848 KBYear 5 – Spring 1 MBYear 6 – Bright Sparks


260 KBTopic Titles

Overview of Curriculum by Individual Subject


477 KBSkills Progression with year groups


93 KBComputing Skills Progression Final

Design & Technology

99 KBDesign Technology Knowledge and Skills hProgression


1 MBHRE Primary Programme Builder – Questions-based model

Modern Foreign Languages


96 KBMusic Knowledge and Skills Progression


102 KBPE Skills Progression with year groups


Science, Geography and History

498 KBSkills Progression for science 70 KBGeography Knowledge and Skills Progression KS2 93 KBHistory Knowledge&Skills Progression with year groups

Early Years

233 kBCommunication and Language 232 kBCreative (Art, Dance, Music) 193 kBKnowledge and Understanding (Science, Geog, History, RE, MFL) 228 kBLiteracy (Reading and Writing) 192 kBMathematics (Number and Shape, Space and Measure) 199 kBPhysical Development (PE) 186 kBPSED (PSCHE, RE)

Beach School

683 KBWP Beach-Handbook

Below is a link to the National Curriculum Overview:

Below is a link to the National Curriculum in England Framework

Curriculum Policies

These documents can be found in the Policies section on the website.