RE Curriculum

Let your light shine. Matthew 5:16

At West Park CE Primary School our aspiration is that every child will experience success every day that they will be an independent learner, who can also work as part of a team developing in creativity and a sense of faith. Religious education seeks to make a significant contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils but enabling them to acquire a thorough knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other major faiths represented in Britain. This subject also enables them to begin to develop their own sense of identity, beliefs and values.

 We use the Understanding Christianity resources when planning a teaching RE across our school and also use the other faith resources from the Guildford diocese. The children record their work through writing, drama, art and discussion. We share this work each term through our RE display in our main reception area and also in the entrance to our Parish church. These displays allow the children at West Park not only to share their learning with others but to be able to place their learning in the context of the whole school.